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Does it feel like there is not enough time to create marketing material to attract customers?

We save you time and guide your branding and marketing to new stages of growth so that you can focus more on what you love.

Have you wasted time trying to understand "easy" website or design software?

Let us take the frustration off your shoulders. We have the skills to create personalized media, partnering with you to get the job done.

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Print Marketing

We design business cards, brochures, pamphlets, booklets, flyers, calendars, stationary and more!

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Digital Media

We will design and launch your website, design e-newsletter templates and get you started on social media.

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We design logos and can work with you to create an entire branding look and feel across all print and digital media.

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Branding is your organizations identity. It is how you distinguish yourself and how you are represented in the eyes of others. Developing a branding strategy is an important process for any organization that can involve a logo, colors, typography, and anything that sets you apart and makes you easily recognizable.


Good layout is important for communicating your message. Whether it is a poster, brochure, magazine, or book it must aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, it must be easy for people to glean the information.


A website reflects your organization on the internet and connects you virturally to your audience. Many people make conclusions about an organization based on how their website looks and functions.


Illustrations are a unique and artistic way to get your message across. Whether it is for a book or magazine, packaging, icons for a website, or a custom t-shirt we can help you creatively express your ideas.

Hello! We're Ouzel Creative

Ouzel Creative is the husband and wife team of Shawn and Katy Delehoy located in Loveland, Colorado. We offer both graphic design and web design services including logos, branding, layout, illustration, and websites. Our passion is to use our creativity and design skills to convey your passion. We want to help you uniquely communicate over the noise.

We keep sustainability in mind seeking to reduce our environmental impact. We are not perfect in this endeavor, but on a journey towards it. We hope by making more sustainable choices it will make the world a better place for you and for the creatures with whom we share the planet, such as the Ouzel.

Owners of Ouzel Creative, Shawn and Katy, sitting next to a mountain stream.

Ouzel [ oo-zuhl ]: Also known as the American Dipper, is an aquatic songbird that lives on flowing rivers. As they stand along the water they dip up and down as if dancing to the beat of their own drum. It is speculated that they use this action to communicate above the noise of the rushing water.